Draytek SNMP OIDs for Monitoring

Vigor Routers support MIB II. Please download the standard MIB II and ADSL-LINE-MIB.

The items below are the ADSL-LINE-MIB that Vigor Routers support.

OID for supported ADSL LINE MIB

———————————————————- adslLineCoding adslLineType adslLineSpecific adslLineConfProfile adslLineAlarmConfProfile adslAturInvSerialNumber adslAturInvVendorID adslAturInvVersionNumber adslAturCurrSnrMgn adslAturCurrAtn adslAturCurrStatus adslAturCurrOutputPwr adslAturCurrAttainableRate adslAturChanInterleaveDelay adslAturChanCurrTxRate adslAturChanPrevTxRate adslAturChanCrcBlockLength

Above information is courtesy of www.draytek.com.

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